Last Chance on Netflix

Netflix is very hush-hush about titles leaving their streaming services, but it happens at the beginning of every month and sometimes in the middle of the month. We’ve got the full list of over 100 titles set to leave Netflix this month.

Here are a few titles we recommend catching before it’s too late.  Find the full list at Last Chance on Netflix. Continue reading Last Chance on Netflix

DirecTV jumps on the Originals Bandwagon

DirecTV debuted original series Rogue a year ago to moderate success. But it has seen a great amount of press of a late following the 2 season pickup of freshmen series Kingdom.

The series follows the exciting and violent world of Mixed Martial Arts and stars Frank Grillo, Kiele Sanchez, Matt Lauria, Jonathan Tucker, Joanna Going, and a very buff Nick Jonas. It is currently airing exclusively on DirecTV and can only be accessed online with a DirecTV subscription. Continue reading DirecTV jumps on the Originals Bandwagon

New Episode of South Park Tonight!

I don’t know if the spread of the Ebola Virus to United States is a serious problem or not. But I do know that whether it is or not, the creators of South Park are going to make fun of all the people freaking out about it. And it’s going to be funny. I can’t wait for the brand new episode, “Gluten Free Ebola”, tonight at 10:00PM on Comedy Central. Continue reading New Episode of South Park Tonight!

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