There is life after Football Season, We Promise.

 …because we’ve got you covered.

It’s been a week since the Super Bowl, and if you’re anything like me you’ve been losing your mind. No more tailgates. No more Fantasy team to keep up with. No more trash talking with Chet who works down the hall and cheers for the 49ers. Really bro? The Niners? What a dork.

We thrive on the competition and communion of our weekly football games, and now that the season is over many of us need to fill the void left behind. Don’t turn to hard drugs, or excessive drinking. Turn instead to this custom made collection of shows and movies that is sure to take your post-football blues away. It will be time for two-a-days again before you even know it.

Watch ‘The Interview ‘ Now, For America

In case you’ve been living under a rock, there has been a good bit of controversy surrounding the release of a new movie called The Interview.  Fist off, Sony Pictures had their network hacked by North Korean agents who threatened to leak sensitive information if the movie was released.  After some of the major theaters expressed safety concerns about showing the movie, Sony Pictures made the decision not to release it.  Then came a huge outcry from fans who saw this as “letting the terrorists win” leading Sony to release the film straight to streaming rental and digital download, much to the delight of fans everywhere.  So now, instead of having to go to the stupid theater, you can watch the movie in your living room, in your pajamas.  Here’s where this hilarious movie is available for rental and purchase.  So tonight after Christmas dinner get your family gathered around the big screen and enjoy some good old fashioned uncensored American comedy.  Merry Christmas.

It’s also important to realize this is not only a triumph for worldwide freedom of expression.  It is also an important event in the rapidly changing world of film.  People have been speculating for some time now about the possibility of simultaneously releasing movies to both streaming services and theaters.  The big theater companies are understandably terrified by this concept, and the movie studios themselves are very wary as well.  In this case, Sony was almost forced to be the guinea pig in this sort of a release.  While they’re unlikely to make the same return on this movie as they had projected, they have made a lot of fans very happy and empowered viewers in an unprecedented manner.

It will be interesting to see the reaction this movie gets, how many more people get to watch and laugh, and how Hollywood reacts to this example.  I personally love the experience of going to the movie theater and hope that it never goes away, but it would definitely be nice to have a choice.  The only thing we know for certain is that the movie industry is evolving, and here at Vunify we’re doing our best to help you keep up.

The Hunger Games Marathon

Mockingjay Part 1 in theaters everywhere Nov 21st!

But true fans know that really means early screenings start Nov 20th. And for the true fan, theaters are offering a Hunger Games marathon. For those who missed out on tickets or would rather not sit in a movie theater for 6 hours we bring you the Hunger Games at home Streaming Marathon to prepare you for the first of the final two films.

Find the first two films below.

The Hunger Games                  The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

And watch the official Mockingjay Trailer here:

A Food Network Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving dinner prep can be a daunting task especially if you’re not sure which recipes to use. Well I’m here to share my favorite tried and true Thanksgiving recipes.

As I was putting them together I noticed how many of them come from Food Network Website and of course the first recipe I am sharing is one from the ever entertaining Alton Brown. (Full Recipe Below)

Click here fore more Thanksgiving Video Recipes.

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Key & Peel Make a Halloween Wish

Some of my favorite episodes from my favorite shows have been Halloween episodes. So you know I’ve been loving all of the great programming from these past few weeks, and we have another awesome Halloween special airing tomorrow at 10:30  on Comedy Central. I’m talking of course about this year’s Key & Peele Halloween episode. The hilarious sketch below is a short preview of what’s to come, and if you’re still not convinced, watch last year’s Halloween special. Just click on the link to “My Favorite Halloween Episodes” and it’s the first one on the list. If this year’s episode is as funny as last year’s, we’re all in for a real treat. No tricks.

– My Favorite Halloween Episodes

– Key & Peele Full Episodes online

‘Episode 406, Scariest Movie Ever: A detective confronts a serial killer in a funhouse, a blind man identifies a body, and a representative from the Make-A-Wish Foundation encounters an evil child.’ – Comedy Central

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