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Get the warrior mindset

Are you in touch with your inner warrior? Check out this article on SOFREP about “How to live like a Navy SEAL” and see these movies that they recommend. These are movies that will inspire you, lead you to a great new ideas, and help you develop your inner warrior. Watching these is guaranteed to be a good time. And as a bonus, will also help develop a mindset that will lead you to victory and all that you do. So hit the deck and bang out 20, and then grab some popcorn and check these flicks:

The Eagle Do you like modern civilization? Find out what it was like before things got so nice and cushy.

300 Some people like to complain about things. Then there are some like Spartans who will stand up and do something about it. Strengthen your resolve as you watch this stunning retelling of the battle of Thermopylae where 300 Spartans held back an invading force of hundreds of thousands.

Braveheart Get yourself a little history lesson as Mel Gibson shows us how the Scottish do it

Red cliff We haven’t seen this one yet, but movies set in ancient China are always pretty awesome.

Thor He’s big. He’s got a hammer. He’s THOR.

Gladiator Think you’re having a bad day? Watch as Russell Crowe delivers his greatest performance as Maximus, a Roman general who seeks vengeance after a massive betrayal.

The Lord of the rings trilogy Pssst, want to know a secret? Apparently there’s this one ring that binds them all together…

Act Of Valor How do the Navy SEALs do what they do? Watch and learn! Find out why The only easy day was yesterday

American Sniper Chris Kyle fought for his family, his friends, and his country. But the hardest fight was coming back from the war.

What do you think of these?  Are there any that we left out? Let us know when the comments!