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Key & Peel Make a Halloween Wish

Some of my favorite episodes from my favorite shows have been Halloween episodes. So you know I’ve been loving all of the great programming from these past few weeks, and we have another awesome Halloween special airing tomorrow at 10:30  on Comedy Central. I’m talking of course about this year’s Key & Peele Halloween episode. The hilarious sketch below is a short preview of what’s to come, and if you’re still not convinced, watch last year’s Halloween special. Just click on the link to “My Favorite Halloween Episodes” and it’s the first one on the list. If this year’s episode is as funny as last year’s, we’re all in for a real treat. No tricks.

– My Favorite Halloween Episodes

– Key & Peele Full Episodes online

‘Episode 406, Scariest Movie Ever: A detective confronts a serial killer in a funhouse, a blind man identifies a body, and a representative from the Make-A-Wish Foundation encounters an evil child.’ – Comedy Central