Probably Worse Than Your Thanksgiving Dinner


Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

As long as there are no grown men wetting their pants at the dinner table, this dinner was worse than yours.


Talladega Nights

At least your family actually tries to cook. When you feed children nothing but fast food and sugary soft drinks this is how they behave.


Step Brothers

At least your dumb step brother didn’t ruin your awesome story about fishing for bonita with the Cubes.

Hopefully you didn’t make your parents get divorced.


The Untouchables

As long as nobody got beat to death with a louisville slugger you didn’t have it as bad as these guys.


Christmas Vacation

At least your aunt didn’t overcook the turkey this badly.


Wedding Crashers

At least your girl didn’t yank you off under the table right in front of her whole family, unless you think you would be into something like that.


A Christmas Story

And as long as your Thanksgiving Turkey doesn’t get eaten by a pack of hungry dogs you really don’t have anything to complain about.

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