The 8 Most Bad Ass Weaponized Cars In Film

Xander Cage’s ’67 Pontiac GTO (xXx)


Start with a classic American muscle car. Then add a huge pile of the most high tech equipment and weaponry available to the United States government. What do you end up with? This truly incredible weaponized vehicle. The biggest problem with this strapped ride is that X doesn’t really know how to use it yet.


The whole dash is covered in a confusing array of unlabeled buttons and the users manual is the size of a phone book. In classic xXx style he makes it work anyway, and just in the nick of time.

Black Beauty (The Green Hornet)

San Diego, California - July 22, 2010: THE GREEN HORNET press event at Britt Reid's Garage, COMICON 2010.

Developed into a battle machine by master tinkerer/butler/sidekick Kato, this car started life as ’65 Chrysler Imperial Crown limousine. Riding in this car has to be one of the most stylish ways to fight crime, and with bumper missiles, a grill-mounted flamethrower, suicide doors with guns in them, hood mounted miniguns, and an anti-aircraft gun somehow stuffed into the trunk this has to be one of the most effective ways to fight crime as well.

The Tumbler (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises)


This is the Tumbler. There have been many versions of the batmobile but, in my humble opinion, this is by far the coolest and most effective. It was designed by wayne enterprises as a prototype armored tank for the military. It is heavily armored, can drive through walls, has a jet booster on the back for “rampless jumps”, two forward facing machine guns, a rocket launcher, explosive mines that can be deployed from the back of the vehicle while in motion, and if all of that isn’t enough there’s always the Batpod.


If the Tumbler is disabled in any way you can escape on the Batpod, a motorcycle that will automatically detach from the vehicle. Formed from the tumbler’s front wheels and machine guns, it too is a battle worthy weaponized vehicle.

KITT (Knight Rider)


KITT (an acronym meaning Knight Industries Two Thousand) is an artificially intelligent computer module inside of a 1982 Pontiac Tans Am. KITT has so many features it’s hard to even list them all here, but most importantly his grill scanner allows him to see and drive himself, and his molecularly bonded shell is a special armor that makes him almost invincible. Other classic defensive features include a smokescreen and oil slick. KITT also has a laser that is capable of burning through steel, a flamethrower, and a teargas launcher. This car couldn’t be more bad ass if it had the voice of Mr. Feeny. Oh wait he does. He has the voice of Mr. Feeny.

Frankenstein’s Monster (Death Race)


This mobile fighting station uses a 2006 Mustang GT as it’s base. It is very fast and very dangerous. It has a fully armored body, smokescreen, napalm, oil slick, a huge detatchable 6 inch thick steel plate on the very back called the tombestone, and two hood mounted M-134 miniguns. This is the baddest ride in a movie full of heavily armed autos.

EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle (Stripes)


This one is a bit of a sleeper, but when you take a look at the features you’ll see that it definitely belongs on this list. Based on a 1976 GMC 26′ Palm Beach motorhome, the EM-50 was heavily armored and armed with machine-guns, a cannon, flamethrowers, a multi-rocket launcher and an assortment of infantry weapons. The vehicle was designed to prowl urban areas without attracting attention and it could quickly deploy its weapons before an enemy knew it was there or realized what it was. Without this ‘roided out winnebago Bill Murray and Harold Ramis never could  have single handedly won the cold war for America.

Mach 5 (Speed Racer)


The Mach 5 is primarily a race car, not a war machine, but it does have some on board gadgets that make it a force to be reckoned with. Jump jacks on the bottom of the vehicle allow Speed Racer to jump over obstacles in his way. A bullet proof polymer deflector shield can be activated to protect the cockpit from bullets or impact damage. Other features include deployable tire shields, hexodyne regenerating tires, crampon tire spikes that can be activated to give the Mach 5 traction on any surface, and a bird-like homing robot to give Speed a view of what’s ahead. But the feature that makes the Mach 5 a true combat vehicle are it’s two front mounted rotary saws. They have Zircon-tipped cutter blades that are capable of cutting through almost anything including the competition. Also… there’s usually a toddler and chimpanzee in the trunk of the Mach 5 who somehow end up helping Speed, as silly as that sounds.


The Mach 6 is pretty cool too.

Herbie (Herbie: Fully LoadedThe Love Bug)


Herbie looks like a harmless little bug, but he has a mind of his own and isn’t afraid to protect himself from his enemies. He’s truly a lover and a fighter. I don’t know if we can say that Herbie is truly weaponized, but he is, without a doubt, a bad ass. He has enough power to race in Nascar, won a demolition derby, and one time he even beat the crap out of Matt Dillon.

James Bond’s DB5 (Goldfinger)


Last we have the ride that is arguably the inspiration for the rest of this list. There have been many cool cars in the James Bond series, but none is quite as well recognized as the Aston Martin DB5. It’s sleek and elegant, but it’s fast and dangerous as well. Q rigged this baby up with a deployable smokescreen and oil slick to protect from the enemies coming from behind, and two forward facing machine guns for offense. There’s also a red button under the gear shifter that triggers the roof to detach and and passenger seat to be ejected. This beautiful silver coupe is truly one of the most iconic vehicles in all of American cinema.

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