Top Movies For Entreprenuers

The $100 MBA is a great podcast that teaches quick 10 minutes business lessons daily. Recently they presented “6 Movies Every Entrepreneur Should See & Why” which presents a few movies that all entrepreneurs should check out for inspiration… or warning. If you are working on your hustle, here’s some entertainment for you downtime:


The Social Network: Everyone uses Facebook, but how did it get started? It turns out in the beginning things weren’t so friendly. A great story of vision and drive, and the power of bringing people together.


Moneyball: The sports world isn’t usually thought of as a place for entrepreneurship, but when your team has a high aspirations and tight budget you’ve got to get creative. Find out how the Oakland A’s used some moxie to put together a world class team on a shoestring budget


Thank you for smoking: Learn about the dark side as we see a tobacco lobbyist tries to balance life and work.


Glengarry Glen Ross: This drama focuses on the struggles of some salesmen who are trying to keep their jobs in a rough economic market. Alec Baldwin delivers the ultimate motivational speech (the best of his career!) that sets the stage for this gripping story.

PK-16 [DF-05200] - Jaden Christopher Syre Smith stars in Columbia PicturesÕ drama The Pursuit of Happyness. Photo Credit: Zade Rosenthal

The Pursuit of Happyness: I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen this one. Will Smith just hasn’t been able to top Independence Day in my opinion.


Indie Game: Everyone likes to play games, but what is it like to have a vision and build a game? Some times reality can be too real. This documentary follows a few teams around as they struggle to bring their passions to life.


What are your picks? What should ever entrepreneur see?

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