DirecTV jumps on the Originals Bandwagon

DirecTV debuted original series Rogue a year ago to moderate success. But it has seen a great amount of press of a late following the 2 season pickup of freshmen series Kingdom.

The series follows the exciting and violent world of Mixed Martial Arts and stars Frank Grillo, Kiele Sanchez, Matt Lauria, Jonathan Tucker, Joanna Going, and a very buff Nick Jonas. It is currently airing exclusively on DirecTV and can only be accessed online with a DirecTV subscription.

I wish I could say that was as easy as it sounds but the provider hasn’t made it easy. Logging in to watch anything online is a pain on its own, but DirecTV forces users to download a viewing platform as well. I have to say for a show I knew very little about I wasn’t looking forward to the prospect. So much so that I turned away at first try.

But with all the buzz and favorable reviews it’s worth the try and seems to have been embraced by DirecTV currently large sports fan demographic. My only fear for DirecTV in it’s lack of diversity. Currently originals appeal to target audiences already with the provider and do little to attract a wider market.

The best hope for DirecTV is to find a way to attract a greater audience and maybe Kingdom is just the thing to do it.

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