New Episode of South Park Tonight!

I don’t know if the spread of the Ebola Virus to United States is a serious problem or not. But I do know that whether it is or not, the creators of South Park are going to make fun of all the people freaking out about it. And it’s going to be funny. I can’t wait for the brand new episode, “Gluten Free Ebola”, tonight at 10:00PM on Comedy Central.

The guys really came out swinging this season. They thoroughly bashed the Washington Redskins and the NFL in the season premiere, also parodying Steve Jobs and the crowdsourcing website It was a hilarious start to what is sure to be another great season. If you missed the first episode of the season, “Go Fund Yourself”, catch it tonight at 9:30PM on Comedy Central, or right here at the new South Park Studios powered by Hulu. Don’t miss it. But if you do, check back at Vunify because it’ll be online tomorrow.

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